Thomas Ferguson Quality Linen Crystal Glass Cloth – Red Stripe. Ireland.

Thomas Ferguson

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The Crystal Glass Cloth is specially designed and woven to better dry your expensive crystal glassware, and is probably the best quality drying cloth that Thomas Ferguson weaves, and quite possibly one of the highest quality woven today. Woven by Thomas Ferguson in their factory in N.Ireland this is a traditional Irish linen tea towel with a blue, lettered, centre stripe. This is a very high quality tea towel, ideal for drying, as it possesses the high absorbency of 100% linen, as well minimizing streaks and lint as it has longer, and stronger flax fibres. This item has been further enhanced by using finer wet spun yarns, with even longer fibres, and a tighter weave. On top of this it is supplied with a washed finish, which softens the linen, and removes much of the shrinkage. We supply this superb tea towel in flat packaging rather than rolled. The connoisseur knows Thomas Ferguson linens are facets of a good life, and deserve attention.

Machine washable at up to 40°C  for the best results let the tea towel dry naturally. Dry cleaning and tumble drying can weaken the linen fibres. It is recommended to wash the tea towel a few times prior to usage as this increases absorbency.

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