Created in 1931 by René Coucke in the North of France, the COUCKE brand was always destined for the world of cooking (Coucke, of course, being pronounced like the English word ‘cook’).

Having started out as a manufacturer of handkerchiefs, the brand turned to table and kitchen linen in the 1970s – a time in which the art of living was becoming a veritable trend. COUCKE now specialises in jacquard tea towels, paying particular attention to aesthetics and, above all, the quality of its products. The brand finds its inspiration both in tradition and the contemporary and our product lines cover a wide range of styles and materials.

With the ‘Made in France’ mantra at the heart of their creations, Coucke have chosen to maintain traditional French knowledge: which is why their collection of essentials are largely produced in the North of France.