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Up-to-date with Ancient Fabrics

Hemp linen has been used for centuries in many households around the world and it has never stopped to be relevant to this day.

In fact, due to the incredible strength and durability, this fabric was popular among the upper class as much as among the working class since it has been discovered.

But what is hemp linen exactly and why do people love it?

Hemp linen is a sustainable textile made from hemp fibres - a crop from the cannabis sativa plant family.

Hemp is amazingly eco-friendly to grow and has a very small environmental impact as it is naturally pest-resistant and produced pesticide-free, making it an ideal fabric for slow fashion lovers!

Just like Son de Flor linen, hemp gets softer with time and is absolutely perfect for both, everyday use and special occasions.

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Unparalleled Longevity and Absorption

Hemp is interchangeable with our beloved linen since both of these fabrics have so many wonderful properties and amazing things in common.

By seeing linen fabric side by side with hemp fabric, you would not be able to differentiate them – the only way to do so is by using a microscope.

In fact, the main difference between these fabrics is the length of the natural fibre they are made with: hemp fibres are longer than linen, this is precisely why hemp can happen to be even stronger than linen, which has an incredible durability that can last for decades!

Same as linen, hemp fabric is also extremely resistant to rotting, mildew, mould and salted water. It protects your skin against UV light and the fabric will never fade or disintegrate in the sunlight meaning you should not be afraid to leave your hemp items in the hot sun to air-dry during spring and summer as the risk to lose colour or weaken is very small.

So, can we say hemp is better than linen? The two fabrics are extremely similar and in most cases, it is almost impossible to differentiate them.

They share a lot of stunning qualities and benefits which makes them both as inseparable as siblings.

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Home Landing is new web-site, we hope it works! As so many high street retailers have closed we have found it increasingly difficult to find the selection of practical, printed or sophisticated tea towels that we have been looking for, this inspired us to present our own collection and we hope that you like it.