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Thomas Ferguson Irish Linen

Thomas Ferguson's Irish linen are widely acknowledged as the finest linen Jacquard weaver in the world. This reputation for quality has been developed through many generations of dedication and skill and owes much to the company's rich heritage.
Founded in 1854 by Thomas Ferguson, an already established linen weaver, the Company has woven Irish Linen for over 160 years.
This weaving expertise combined with fine, high quality yarns, and modern looms; produce a linen damask cloth which is unusually soft and fine, has a wonderful natural lustre and yet is strong enough to last a lifetime, with normal domestic use..
Irish linen may no longer be a widespread everyday household product, like it was up until the early 20th century. However, over the centuries their linens were refined and distilled, and most of the coarser, commodity linens were discontinued, so that we are left with only the best, refined over generations to delight our modern-day customers.
The connoisseur knows Thomas Ferguson linens are facets of a good life, and deserve attention.

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