Tessitura Toscana Telerie, “Bounty - Sestante”, Pure linen printed tea towel.

Tessitura Toscana Telerie

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Linen Tea Towel “Bounty - Sestante” – “Bounty – Sextant”. Printed on white linen this nautical themed tea towel is perfect for any one that loves the open seas or has a passion for sailing. Set against a backdrop of blue sea is a large nautical instrument that’s aptly stylised with two sailing ships in the foreground. The design is completed with a pod of dolphins and framed with an attractive border of two narrow gold-coloured stripes and small shield top and bottom.

Machine washable at up to 40°C for the best results let the tea towel dry naturally.  Tumble dry on a low heat to avoid weakening the linen fibres. It is recommended to wash the tea towel a few times prior to usage as this increases the absorbency.

Pure linen printed tea towel

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