Thomas Ferguson Woven Irish Linen, Glass Cloth, “Quick Dryer”. Black Stripe, Ireland.

Thomas Ferguson

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Thomas Ferguson have been weaving the 'Quick Dryer' branded tea towel for at least 40 years. The brand was taken over from another old company long since defunct, and they wove it for many years previous. Quick Dryer is one of the only genuine branded 100% Irish linen centre stripe, lettered kitchen towels woven today. They are just the same as those your grandmother or great grandmother would have used. An ideal addition to a classic kitchen. A good, large sized, heavy quality traditional linen tea towel that will dry your glassware lint free, or simply act as a general high quality utility kitchen cloth. 
The ability of flax to absorb water rapidly is particularly useful for this application. Linen is about 20% stronger when wet than dry; which helps it withstand mechanical treatment in laundering and in use. 

Beautiful off-white fine Irish Linen with a central woven black stripe with the lettering, ‘Quick Dryer’. Made in Ireland and with the Irish Linen logo.

Machine washable at up to 40°C  for the best results let the tea towel dry naturally. Dry cleaning and tumble drying can weaken the linen fibres. It is recommended to wash the tea towel a few times prior to usage as this increases absorbency.

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