Jacquard Français "Oeufs Recettes" (Azur), Woven cotton tea towel. Made in France.

Jacquard Français

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Woven cotton jacquard tea towel "Oeufs Recettes" – Recipes with Eggs- designed and produced by Jacquard Français in France. Egg recipes in your kitchen! Woven onto an Azur blue dandelion backdrop inspired by Art Nouveau design, delicious egg dishes decorate this luxury cotton tea towel. The design is completed with an attractive striped border of red, pale blue and a hint of white creating a restyled tile effect.

Machine washable at 60 C for the best results let the tea towel dry naturally. Dry cleaning and tumble drying can weaken the cotton fibres.

Pure cotton coloured warp and weft. Made in France.

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